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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

2 hot 4 u is a Christmas kaiju created by SuperNerd295. It totally isn't an image from text in Final Fantasy 15.


2 hot 4 u is poorly written text on the side of a building, made in white spray paint.


2 hot 4 u was once a small bottle of spray paint, before being sprayed on the side of a wall in such a way that spells "DIS TOWN IZ 2 HOT 4 U". After being sprayed upon the wall in such a way, it read itself, and began to love the heat. Soon enough, the spray paint evolved, and can teleport to any place in the world, to spread the message of heat and warmth. But because of it's liking to heat, it despises snow. It hates snow so much, it once tricked a man into burning all the snow in his town. Despite this, it was not great enough to succeed in it's goal, and the creature passed away on December 25 2016, but not with out a present. It released a ring of fire that melted all the snow around it, letting it die in peace.


2 Hot 4 U is just text on a building found in Final Fantasy Fifteen.


  • If Jake The Flaming Potato Warrior didn't exist, this is the kaiju I would be most ashamed of making.
  • This kaiju was easiest to make and hence one of my least favorites.
  • This kaiju is supposed to be a Christmas kaiju. I know you looking at me strange now.
  • This kaiju has also become a joke on the wiki, with users saying stuff like 2 Hot 4 Me when shown a stupid image, in reference (and memory, he's dead, remember?) to this horrid abomination.
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