4kLift is a forklift kaiju created by the retarded MosuFan2004.


It's a forklift with a camera on both left and right sides, yellow glowing patterns on both left and right and a lamp underneath its roof.


4kLift was used by humans as a normal forklift in Belgrade in Serbia. But later, he developed a mind of his own. 4kLift's driver went in him and turned him on, but he saw something strange. 4kLift formed 2 cameras on both left and right, and started glowing between his wheels. The lamp underneath his roof tuned on, it scared the driver so he ran away like a b****.


  • Lift: 4kLift can lift using its fork.
  • Driving: 4kLift can drive.
  • Camera: 4kLift can record videos and take photos using its camera.
  • Lights: 4kLift can turn on and off its lights.


  • Spikes: 4kLift has spikes on his fork, but he uses them only in combat and when really needed.
  • Mirror: 4kLift can form a mirror on his both left and right sides. That mirror can reflect beams and light.


  • There's no explanation how 4kLift has a gender.
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