Acacius a kaiju created by CosbyDaf on Bogleech.

Acacius is the strongest monster in the NES Godzilla Creepypasta, however, Acacius barely managed to defeat Red, almost costing Zach his life. Acacius was hidden in a corner of the last map and was not unlockable until after Melissa saves Zach from Red.


Acacius is named after Acacius of Caesarea because Cosbydaf wanted a name that sounded both powerful and ancient while also having a distinctly chivalrous sound to it.[1]


Acacius is an angelic-looking humanoid creature with golden skin and a head that resembles a knight's helmet and oddly shaped wings that look similar to spikes. Acacius also has a muscular body and muscular arms with two visible fingers on each.


Chapter 7: Zenith

Acacius appeared under mysterious circumstances in Zenith. Zach was unable to play as him because Red prevented him from doing so by moving his board piece away.

Chapter 8: Finale

Red had defeated all of Zach's monsters. It seemed all was over, as Red had also stopped Zach's heart in an effort to kill him. However, Zach was saved by Melissa, who freed Acacius from Red's grasp. Together, Acacius and Zach defeated Red. As Zach was about to mourn the loss of the other monsters (after realizing the game and it's inhabitants may be "alive") when Melissa and Acacius appeared on-screen. They revived the other monsters (and Face) and Melissa bid her farewell to Zach, as the game ended.

That was a summarized version of Acacius's history. If you wish to see the full version, please read the NES Godzilla Creepypasta.


  • Can turn his hands into blades
  • Acacius can fire laser beams from his 'visor'.
  • Star projectiles
  • Can fly (or at least hover)



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