Albino Wolfish is an Aldrion kaiju created by BRK for his cancelled series Ultraman Atum.


The شره name means wolfish in Arabic.


The شره is a giant gray monster that has a pink mouth with black sharp teeth. It also has three fingers that can fuse into a drill.


Ultraman Atum

To infiltrate in the RA HQ the شره created a human form that would let him became a RA member. After becoming one of its members he tried to gain the trust of the others, but Jason Wolfgang (he is the main character by the way) started to suspect him, because of that it started to stalk Jason, after weeks of stalking شره decided to ask Jason the where they hide their weapons after Jason showed were the weapons are hidden شره tricked Jason to turn around while he would run and close the door and leaving Jason inside.After eating some workers on the HQ it transformed into his real form, while still trapped inside Jason transformed into "Ultraman Atum".When both started to fight شره transformed his hand into a drill and started to drill through Atum's chest, but Atum used his Obelisk Blade and easily chopping his hand off, Atum took the advantage that شره was screaming in pain to destroy it after using the Hieroglyph Beam the شره was destroyed.


  • Mouth: It can use it's mouth to swallow enemies;
  • Drill: It can fuse it's fingers to create a drill that can pierce through bunkers easily.


  • The شره design is based on the Langoliers of the mini-series with the same name that was based on Stephen King's collection of novellas named Four past Midnight.