Ammit is an Egyptian Kaiju created by BRK for his cancelled series Ultraman Atum. It is based on the Egyptian deity Ammit.


'Ammit means "devourer" or "soul-eater".


Ammit is a Chimera kaiju, It's components are:

  • Crocodile-head
  • Lion-mane
  • Jaguar-upper body
  • Hippo-legs
  • Mountain Lion-lower body and tail


In the year 1999 a strange portal opened in Egypt, after 30 minutes of the portal being opened a strange creature emerged the people who saw started to run and an old priest said that Ammit of the old legends has come to our world because the souls that it eats on the other world are not enough to satisfy it's hunger.After Ammit destroyed most of Cairo a hero returned that was named Ultraman Atum. After throwing Ammit against a building and using his Obelisk Slash and cutting Ammit's mane and tail, Ultraman Atum used his Hieroglyph Beam that blew Ammit into several chunks.


  • Speed: Ammit can run a speed of 200 km/h.
  • Claws: Ammit's claws are so sharp that they cut several building with one slash.
  • Soul Beam: After eating all the souls that it killed and concentrates all of them to create a hyper beam.

Other Designs

Ammit by G01-0

A design by GodzillaZero-One.