Angeryus is an angery Kaiju and a meme from Universe 1602. He is also known as Mr. Succ.


Angeryus looks like that. I don't want to explain it.


Angeryus was a pretty happy Kaiju living in Universe 1602, going about his life and being pretty dank, even becoming somewhat of a meme and earning the nickname Mr. Succ. But there was one thing Angeryus really hated......vegitals. One day Angeryus went to a restaurant and ordered a meal with no vegitals. However a dastardly vegetal snuck it's way onto his meal, causing Angeryus to get ANNNGEERRRRRYYYYYYY. Ageryus went on a rampage and killed lots of people and destroyed the city he was in. He was eventually detained and moved to Memester Island to live out his days. Somehow, this only elevated his meme status, with angery videos becoming popular on the internet. Angeryus now lives peacefully, but will become enraged at the mere sight of a vegital. As such he burned down all the plants on Memester Island. Yes really.


  • Angery Pulse. When he becomes very angery, Angeryus can send out a red/orange/white pulse of energy that destroys everything in a thousand mile radius. His eyes also glow white when this happens.
  • Spikes
  • Anti-Vegital Ray. Angeryus can fire a beam from his mouth that kills plant based lifeforms.


  • Angeryus is obviously based on Mr. Succ/Meme Man, and in particular the angery meme.
  • Yes, Angeryus's name is a pun.
  • This is how you make a combination of Anguirus and a popular meme and make it an actual page with content.