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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Anime Biollante is a reptilian kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001. She is a parody of the fact that the Godzilla in the anime trilogy is a living plant-based organism, which is basically just what normal Biollante is. She also works as a prediction of what elitist fanboys will act like when they find out the new Godzilla is a plant. These are the same morons who got mad because Shin Godzilla could fire a beam from his tail, so who knows how they're gonna be able to comprehend the new anime Godzilla?


Anime Biollante looks just like normal Biollante. However, she isn't a plant and therefore no longer has any tentacles resembling venus fly traps. Instead, she is an irradiated Biollantesaurus with arms and four legs. She has three digits on each hand with sharp claws for swiping her opponents. She also has a long tail and large maple-leaf dorsal plates running down her back. Aspects of the Anime Godzilla are included in her design, such as the smaller head, the blank eyes and the spike protruding from her chin. She stands at 80 meters tall and weighs 50,000 metric tons.


It was a calm day. An elitist Godzilla fanboy was writing an online blog post about why Godzilla: Final Wars is a bad film and why you should feel bad for liking it. After that, he was going to write an article about why Shin Godzilla's origins as a mutated marine animal and his ability to shoot beams from his tail and dorsal plates means he isn't a true incarnation of Godzilla. However, he suddenly got a notification on his computer. It was about the new anime movie! He put aside everything he was doing and immediately clicked on the notification. He was directed to an article about what Toho had just announced about the new movie. He eagerly read it, excited to know the latest news. And then...

"Godzilla's a plant?!" he shouted. "Why... Why that's... That's not right! They... They've ruined Godzilla! Again!" he screamed, falling to the ground and twisting and contorting in ways a human shouldn't be able to. He stood up, leaned against a table and vomited on the floor. Unable to keep his balance, he fell over and curled up into a fetus position, crying in a pile of his own vomit. Godzilla had been ruined forever! They didn't play it safe and make him like the other versions of the character! They actually did something new with him! That... That's unacceptable! He got back up to his computer, deleted his blog post about Godzilla: Final Wars (don't worry, he could easily churn out at least 10 of these so he didn't really lose any progress) and wrote a long rant about the Anime Godzilla, why he wasn't an incarnation of Godzilla and why you're a fake fan for liking him.

Upon finishing his blog post, he got a red paintbrush and painted a pentagram on the floor. He lit five candles and laid them on all five corners of the pentagram. He then grabbed his Godzilla 1954 X-Plus figure and put it in the middle of the pentagram. Holding his wrist over the X-Plus figure, he cut it with a knife and allowed his blood to spill. The pentagram suddenly glowed bright red and his house was warped to another dimension. It was there that he met Satan or some other demonic entity that could easily be misinterpreted as Satan.

"Oh... You again..." groaned the demon, upset to see this kid back here again so soon.

"Shut up!" he replied. "I need you to do something for me..."

After an intense argument, the demon decided to get the fanboy out of his hair by just giving him what he wanted. He created a life-size Biollante with four legs, two arms and no plant-like appendages. The fanboy dubbed it Anime Biollante! If Godzilla could be a plant, then Biollante could be a lizard! Not showing any concerns for the people being killed by Anime Biollante, he laughed as he watched his monster rampage through the city. The Japanese military retaliated by sending Anime Godzilla out to fight her. How they had access to a real life version of an incarnation of Godzilla from an animated movie, I've no idea. Anime Godzilla, being better than Anime Biollante, managed to defeat her easily. He fired an atomic beam at her and she was engulfed by a huge explosion. However, before she could be killed off permanently, a wormhole leading to the 1940s opened up and she was dropped into the ocean. This is where she currently lives, free of that fanboy's control. To this day, she roams around the ocean where she goes unseen. In a shocking plot twist, it turns out she was the Large Antarctic Sea Mammal that was spotted by the captain of the Japanese research vessel, Soya, on February 13th, 1958.


Anime Biollante is able to do a lot of things! She has these cool tentacles with venus fly traps on them and... Oh... No, she doesn't... Uh... She's a living plant, is able to turn into spores and using that ability, is able to... Wait, she can't do that either... Well, what can she do?

  • Walking - The original Biollante couldn't do that!
  • Jumping - Can the original Biollante do that?
  • Swiping Her Claws - That's a cool, unique ability that no kaiju, including Biollante, has ever had!
  • Atomic Beam - This Biollante can fire an atomic beam! Cool, right?

That's basically it. Pretty awesome, huh?


  • The fact that she ended up becoming the Large Antarctic Sea Mammal only exists so that I could have something to write about in the trivia section.
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