Anotorosaurus is an original hybrid kaiju created by MechaKingGhidorah789 for the Wikizilla mascot contest.


She is found as a fossil by a scientist who is a kaiju expert. using scales from his reptile collection, internal organs from other large creatures, an second artificial skeleton, and a radio controlled artificial intelligence, he creates his monstrosity and brings it to life. It doesnt prove to be effective at first, since it gets its limbs torn off early in its first fight. After taking hier back to the drawing board, he gives it much stronger legs, 3 spear tounges made from snakes, blade- like back spines, and giant claw hands for ripping and tearing. Now reborn again as an abombination, the kaiju world has a new threat outside its door waiting for them.


Main body color: dark green

Leg color: light green

Tongues: light red

Claws: dark red


- The name "Antorosaurus" comes from her claws resembling ant claws

- The final version of Antorosaurus was drawn by Titanollante of Wikizilla.

- Antorosaurus wasn't even made for the Wikizilla contest, but was submitted long after it's creation

- The artwork done for Antorosaurus has some changes from the original concept design. This includes:

- The colours being green in the original stats, but mostly black in the final draft.

- Antorosaurus being a male in the original, but female in the final version.

- Antorosaurus' upper limbs were originally two claw like structures meant to snap opponents, but were changed to four seperate arms.

Original antorosaurus

The original drawing of Antorosaurus