Aradiabot is a space angel kaiju created by MechaKingGhidorah789 first appearing in the story "PATrific RimXXX".


She is a silver robot troll with red eyes, a blue Aries symbol on her shirt, and ram looking horns.


She is first summoned when MechaGodzilla calls her using his iphone. She then engages in combat with Ronald McFuckingDonald by shooting a souper lazer at him before getting lightning kicked into a building by Ronald. She then proceeds to bitch slap him. Afterwards, her and MechaGodzilla charge their super final good guy shot at Ronald McFuckingDonald, sending him into space. After Frygan first appears, she explodes after being loaded with fries. She then presumably dies after EVIL PATRIXXX eradicates the city before the film ends.


- Durability: She can take a lot of physical abuse without being critically wounded

- Bitch Slap: She can bitch slap really good

- Souper Lazer: She can shoot souper lazers

- Super Final Good Guy Shot: Using the combined power of love and friendship with MechaGodzilla, Aradiabot can charge a giant super lazer powerful enough to lauch Ronald McFuckingDonald into space


- Despite appearing to have no arms, she is an expert slapper