Archiere is a meka made by K.E.O to combat kaiju attacks. It is piloted by Noah Smith.


Archiere in Epoch of Peace more closely resembles an astronaut, the intended feel for the mecha due to it being the first to come from another planet. It has incendiary rounds for it's attached sniper rifle on it's lower jaw. It has two orange spikes protruding from the back of it's head that curve inward, and it's shoulders sport blade like spikes that serve only aesthetic purpose, on request of the pilot himself. For the most part, it's body is grey but mostly towards it's chest, it features blue and orange highlights. Like other Assault Units it is 35 meters tall.

Archiere is a bipedal mecha with black gloves and boots. It's head resembles a space helmet, but with a large orange spine protruding vertically from the chin, along with one on each shoulder. It has a red robe draped over it's upper chest that flows down it's back. The rest of it's body is grey. It slightly resembles a knight.


In The light of a new future, Archiere is seen being loaded onto a space ship on Mars for shipment to Earth. Halfway through the flight, the crew is alerted of a kaiju arriving in Beijing. Archiere is delivered successfully to K.E.O, but not in time. The other meka had been having extreme difficulty dealing with a kaiju in a near hand to hand fight, so K.E.O dropped Archiere in Beijing to save Guerrier from destruction.


  • Synchronization - Archiere can synchronize it's conscious with that of of it's pilot.
  • Extreme Strength - Archiere can lift up kaiju twice it's size.
  • Extreme Speed - Archiere can run extremely fast for it's size.
  • Grappling Cable - Archiere has cable launchers under it's shoulder armor, allowing it to attach itself to kaiju or mountains for high ground.
  • In-fared Sight - Archiere's head piece has a dial allowing it to switch to In-fared Sight in order to locate and snipe kaiju.


  • STT5 - Short for "Sniper Test Type 5", STT5 is a long range, high power rifle with the capability to travel 600 meters forward.
  • Orthrus - A modified shotgun pitched by the pilot in order to keep close range combat short.
  • Manticore - A modified revolver with two types of ammunition, normal and explosive.


  • Archiere is one of two sniper based assault units.
  • The design for Archiere was found by me just sketching things in the little notebook I carry with me everywhere during class.
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