Archiere is a meka made by K.E.O to combat kaiju attacks. It is piloted by Noah Smith.

Appearance Edit

Archiere is a bipedal meka with black gloves and boots. It's head resembles a space helmet, but with a large orange spine protruding vertically from the chin, along with one on each shoulder. It has a red robe draped over it's upper chest that flows down it's back. The rest of it's body is grey. It slightly resembles a knight.

History Edit

In The light of a new future, Archiere is seen being loaded onto a space ship on Mars for shipment to Earth. Halfway through the flight, the crew is alerted of a kaiju arriving in Beijing. Archiere is delivered successfully to K.E.O, but not in time. The other meka had been having extreme difficulty dealing with a kaiju in a near hand to hand fight, so K.E.O dropped Archiere in Beijing to save Guerrier from destruction.

Abilities Edit

  • Synchronization - Archiere can synchronize it's conscious with that of of it's pilot.
  • Extreme Strength - Archiere can lift up kaiju twice it's size.
  • Extreme Speed - Archiere can run extremely fast for it's size.
  • Grappling Cable - Archiere has cable launchers under it's shoulder armor, allowing it to attach itself to kaiju or mountains for high ground.
  • In-fared Sight - Archiere's head piece has a dial allowing it to switch to In-fared Sight in order to locate and snipe kaiju.

Equipment Edit

  • STT5 - Short for "Sniper Test Type 5", STT5 is a long range, high power rifle with the capability to travel 600 meters forward.
  • Orthrus - A modified shotgun pitched by the pilot in order to keep close range combat short.
  • Manticore - A modified revolver with two types of ammunition, normal and explosive.

Trivia Edit

  • Archiere is one of two sniper based assault units.
  • The design for Archiere was found by me just sketching things in the little notebook I carry with me everywhere during class.
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