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Archon is the first of a long film series.


It takes place in 1973, after the Vietnam War. Things are becoming peaceful again, but not so for America. There will be a new strife.

Dr. Zander and Prof. Stevens were headhunted by the CIA. They were sent for a discussion with the director, Director Tanner. He had requested that they help to solve the disappearance of a tanker carrying 1,000 tons of Nuclear weapons.

What he said is that after it's disappearance off the coast of Seattle, the government sent a squad to salvage the Nuclear weapons. However, there was no sign of any Nuclear materials.

Soon after this was explained, Director was told there was an occurrence in the Channel Lake. When they got there, they were told that a pod of 20 dolphins washed up on the shores. They were burned at third degree. The people were scared about this, but were soon scared to see a giant creature rise from the lake. Everyone was panicking at this point.

The government soon found out, and discussed what to do. They decided to call off any shipments of Nuclear weapons, and instead have there next shipment be by airplane, and then by truck. Another decision was to not attack the creature that was sighted, since it was uncertain weather it was a threat to humanity.

Life went back to normal for a while, until the shipment. When the Nuclear weapons was being shipped to the armory in San Francisco, news came out about the creature, named Archon by the Government, had surfaced. It was in pursuit of the shipment, and was on land. It soon caught up, snatched the weapons in its jaws, and swallowed them. Right in San Francisco. It soon started destroying the city. The government sent the military out, but Archon easily destroyed them, using a heat breath, and sliced skyscrapers with it's crest.

After the hours of destuction, Archon returned to the ocean.

San Francisco was decimated, families were separated after the death toll, and the Government had to decide what to do. So, the government decide to kill it, seeing the threat it posed. Dr Zander and Prof Stevens proposed a coagulant that they could use on the creature. It would cause the guills to stop functioning, and suffocate it. Using some submarines, the Government went forward with the plan. They used giant syringes to inject the coagulant. When they did start, they found that Archon was sleeping. They soon executed the plan,and returned as soon as possible.

It did appear to have worked.

The end (or is it?)