Apearence Edit

AsiDeci design is based on the devil/satan, but without the wings and with an armor.

History Edit

After being defeated by Tefnut while he tried to invade Earth he created an Armor that he could use to defeat her, but with the help of his two mechanical kaiju Echoes and Tusk. After Echoes and Tusk being defeated he appeared to defeat an weak Atum and an weak Tefnut, but was surprised by the power armor being hacked by the RA HQ and was easily defeated by Tefnut again.

Abilities Edit

  • Tentacles: AsiDeci can choke his enemies with his tentacles and he also uses it to control his Power Armor;

Trivia Edit

  • AsiDeci's design is clearly based on the devil and on a squid;
  • AsiDeci is also based on the Ultraman Ginga S villain Alien Chibu ;
  • AsiDeci's name comes from the Australian hard rock band AC/DC;
    • AsiDeci's design being based on the devil is also based on the fact that one of AC/DC's songs name is Highway to Hell.

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