Azazael is a dimension crossing kaiju appearing in Eques Mechanica. It was created by SuperNerd.

Appearance Edit

Azazael resembles a shadowy human figure that is completely black with one green eye. Azazael can summon any number from one to fifty purple tendrils extending from it's back. Azazael can cross between dimensions. This will in turn engulf the ground below him into puddles of purple liquid below his limbs. This liquid is so powerful it emits visible energy. Azazael's tendrils are also formed this way, but are from a completely separate, and unknown creature.

History Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Dimension Crossing - Azazael can cross itself into another parallel dimension. What lives on the other side, no one knows.
  • Jumping - Azazael has an extremely powerful jump that can fling it hundreds of meters.
  • Gas Model - Azazaels most powerful technique comes in the form of evasion. Azazael can fabricate a model of itself in the air, and once hit, it will unleash a toxic gas

Trivia Edit

  • Azazael is named after the biblical demon of the same name, although it is more commonly known as "Azazel"
  • Azazael is another ported concept from Epoch of Serenity. It's name was never decided due to never making it out of early ideas.
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