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BRK, short for BigRandomKaiju, is a human with the ability to become Ultraman Taro. He is one of the main characters of Council of Creators.


BRK is a human who has the ability to either transform into a giant hand with two blue eyes or Ultraman Taro.


While eating a banana a kaiju appeared and killed BRK, but Ultraman Taro resurrected BRK as his human host. BRK as Taro destroyed the kaiju and continued eating bananas. He met up with Scoobydooman90001, Indominus Rex 2016, and Mosufan2004. Together, they formed the Council Of Creators, and BRK fights alongside the other members of the Council while still eating bananas.


  • Transformation
  • Same as Ultraman Taro
  • Can fight Kaiju an eat a banana at the same time
  • Kimyō Kousen (lit. Bizarre Beam) is a beam made out of bizarre things
  • Hottodoggo is a part pug part hot dog hybrid that is used by BRK as a vehicle



  • This character was originally unrelated to the Council Of Creators (series), but was later reworked into the representation of BRK, the user.