Baby is a flesh kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Absolutely nothing is known about Baby other than the fact that he exists. The Insolitam group discovered him in one of their more disturbing adventures when investigated what seemed to be a murder case. It was actually a trap set by cultists to lure new victims. They ambushed the group but were only able to capture Jess after fighting the members of the Insolitam group. She later awoke in an underground cell chained to a wall with a group of other barely-clothed girls around her age. Noticing signs of physical abuse on their bodies, she attempted to get out of her chains to avoid a similar fate. However, they were too strong and she was unable to get out. Hours later, some of the cultists finally entered the room and began to further abuse the women, both physically and sexually. Both one of the cultists could so the same to Jess, she kicked him over and grabbed his knife. Threatening the cultists, she escaped from her chains and made her way out of the cell. Silently making her way through the large underground facility, Jess discovered multiple horrifying secrets. Coming across a room full of ill children and used condoms (some of these rooms occupied by cultists), she finally broke down and into tears. Attracting the attention of the cultists, she was captured and taken to the main church. It was there that she found that the cultists worshiped a strange fleshy mass creature called Baby. Prepared for the sacrificial altar, her hands were tied and she was blindfolded and gagged. Initiating the sacrifice, the cultists first sacrificed cut open the bodies of live babies and fed the blood to Baby. Fearing she would be next, Jess attempted to get out of her bondage. She was quickly stopped by a cultist who held her up by her hair so that she could be sacrificed. With a sharp knife held up to her neck, she was almost certain this was the end. Just in the nick of the time, the rest of the Insolitam group and the police busted the door down and with no hesitation, shot all of the cultists. Baby quickly lashed out with his tongue and attempted to eat Jess, but was shot multiple times and murdered. Jess was taken into special care and came to the conclusion that sometimes, the humans are the true monsters. She soon left the Insolitam group and isolated herself in a home far away.


Baby is a gigantic lump of pulsating flesh. On top of the fleshy mass is a large mouth dribbling blood that is lined with sharp blood-stained teeth. Reaching out from inside the mouth is a black organic tube with a red tongue flapping out of the end. The shape of the fleshy mass often changes around.


  • Eating: The only thing Baby is really capable of doing is eating. He can grab things with his long tongue and drag them into his large mouth to eat and digest. This is how the cultists fed him.


  • This kaiju was the first kaiju created for Universe 210 to feature blood as part of its design.
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