Balboh is a stone kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.

Balboh is an ancient statue that awoke from its slumber when it was transferred to a museum in Ganithrum. The curator of the museum nicknamed him 'Rocky'. He was the second kaiju Oh Pi ever fought.

Appearance Edit

Balboh has a very basic cylindrical appearance. He has an angry face carved on to him with darkened eyes and teeth. He also has two tentacle-like arms that are inanimate. However, the tips of the arms occasionally wriggle and writhe back and forth. The only other parts of Balboh's body that moves is his eyes.

History Edit

Balboh was an ancient statue that had been passed down through multiple families over the hundreds of years since it had been created. It soon awoke not long after it was transferred to a museum in the Virtue Sector, where it began to transform everything around it into stone. It intended to create a literal stone age by transforming every living being into stone for hundreds of years so that they could suffer the same curse it suffered. Oh Pi challenged Balboh and battled it, avoiding all of Balboh's attempts to turn him into stone. He soon destroyed Balboh with a giant ball of flames and everyone was restored to their pre-mummified forms.

Abilities Edit

  • Gliding: Balboh is capable of moving around without any actual limbs to help him do so.
  • Stone Ray: Balboh is able to fire a red beam from his eyes that transformed any living being it touched into stone. This was it's most common attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Balboh's name is a direct reference to Rocky Balboa.
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