Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Beagler is an alcoholic maniac created by MosuFan2004.


Beagler is a glass of beer with golden eagle wings and tail.


Island Jeff has a river full of beer, Beagler goes there to drink beer. One day, Dubsteparian and Spartaler were fighting Remixite, they almost defeatet Remixite, he had no chance, until Beagler came and punched Dubsteparian and Spartaler from behind with his wings. Jeff-saurus suddenly came and attacked Beagler, they both started glowing so Spartaler, Remixite and Dubsteparian couldn't see anything. Beagler and Jeff-saurus were fighting in the light. The light started to disappear and Beagler was seen laying on the ground while Jeff-saurus was still glowing and was about to kill Beagler. Remixite grabbed his katana and defended Beagler from Jeff-saurus. Beagler stood up and started glowing, allowing him and Remixite to escape. They escaped and became best friends.


  • Flight: Beagler can fly using his wings.
  • Glow: Beagler can glow yellow. Whenever he wants, he glows. This ability can not be used as an attack but it's still fancy.


  • Water: Just like some real life birds (and a fictional hedgehog), Beagler can't swim.


  • Beagler's name comes from words "beer" and "eagle". Bold text is for letters from word "beer" and underline is for "eagle": Beagler
  • This kaiju is actually SuperNerd295's idea. MosuFan2004 was on Wikizilla chat asking for ideas for kaiju so SuperNerd came up with an idea for a beer kaiju.
  • Beagler and Jeff-saurus are natural enemies.
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