Beedra is a mutated bird Kaiju that was created during Nuclear Testing.


Beedra looks like giant bird with beige, yellow, and blue-green patterns on it's feathers.


Beedra was a parrot that was mutated by Nuclear Testing in the Amazon Rainforest. The monster remained dormant until accidentally awaked by a mining operation. The creatures wreaked havoc and the MCF was sent out to deal with it. However, their newest member Kokona Haruka disappeared during the battle. While MCF fended off Beedra's assault, Kokona transformed into Ultrawoman Yin and battled the bird Kaiju. Yin defeated Beedra, but it was later revived by Ultraman Yang. Beedra was sent out again, and proved more powerful than before, nearly laying waste to a city. However, Yin still managed to defeat Beedra. According to MCF's data files, Beedra is believed to currently reside in the Monster Graveyard, with all other deceased Kaiju.


  • Hurricane winds. By flapping her wings, Beedra can generate strong winds that cause much damage to the surrounding area
  • Flight
  • Speed
  • Talons
  • A green beam of energy fired from her mouth. This beam is purple in Beedra's corrupted form.


  • Beedra is the first Kaiju Ultrawoman Yin faced in battle.
  • Beedra is not the only Kaiju to have been mutated by the Amazon Nuclear stay tuned!