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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

those damn typos

Beetlenorg is a typo kaiju created by Cdr but made by SuperNerd. Bamboozled again.


BeetleNorg looks like a pale yellow beetle with a Norg head.


A scientist looked at his pet beetle. He was playing Final Fantasy 8. He looked back and forth as the NORG came on screen. "What if..." he wondered. And then it became a reality.


  • Typo Beam - Beetlenorg can confuse his enemies and make them mistype words. oh np.
  • Flight - Beetlenorg can fly, like most beetles.
  • Psycho Blast - A blast of pinkish purple energy is sent flying at his enemies.


Beetlenorg's name comes from a typo made by Cdrzillafanon on Wikizilla.


  • This is another stupid and pointless kaiju by me that I made for no reason other then to expand my universe.
  • Cdr can use this if he wants.
  • Since Nerd said I could use this, I will. Therefore, Beetlenorg also exists in Universe 986.
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