Bellial is a demonic kaiju created by SuperNerd. He is the final kaiju to appear in Eques Mechanica.


Bellial has a strange, long and skinny body that is orange in color with large spikes protruding on both sides of his body. His arms are short and sport large claws that act like scissors and can easily cut through steel. His legs are long with two spikes for feet and a tail. His eyes are deformed and red in color, stretching across his face. He is always smiling.


Highly classified information.


  • Cutting - Bellials claws are capable of slicing through any known material.
  • Powerful Jump - Bellial can jump hundreds of meters and land gracefully.
  • Resistance to Pain - Bellial can not feel pain, making him a fearsome foe.
  • Strong Bite - Bellial can bite down hard enough to break bone without trying.
  • Fire Breath - Bellial can project a large column of flame from his mouth. This fire is 500 degrees Celsius.


Bellials name comes from the name of the devil in the Hebrew bible.


  • Bellial is the last kaiju to appear in Eques Mechanica. This does not mean he is the last kaiju that is fought.
  • Bellial is the only kaiju that survived the extinction event, hiding underground for decades.
  • Bellials strength lead to it's downfall. You'll see how this happens when I release the episode.
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