Bill the Cat is a cat with a jet-pack created by the god of retardity, MosuFan2004.


Bill the Cat is a light brown-white cat and has yellow eyes. Also has a jet-pack on his back and always holds a sausage.


A Russian scientist was doing experiments on a cat. The lab started glowing. The scientist said "It's alive! It's alive! IT'S ALIVEEE-" "The f*** wrong with you?" Bill the Cat said. He Opened the door and left the lab. The scientist's face was "o.o" for 3 hours, his helpers later called the ambulance.


  • Flight: Bill can fly using his jet-pack.
  • Lasers: Bill can shoot red lasers from his sousage.
  • Inteligence: Bill mind killed Einstein.



  • MosuFan2004 asked for ideas on Wikizilla chat. Scoobydooman90001 said "1. bolonga, 2. cat, 3. jet-pack", so MosuFan2004 made Bill the Cat.
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