Bill the Cat is a scientifically modified cat created by MosuFan2004.


Bill the Cat is a light brown-white cat with yellow eyes. He has a jet-pack on his back which he uses to fly. He always stands on two legs, and always holds a sausage in his left hand.



A Russian scientist was doing experiments a cat, which made the cat super intelligent and able to speak. The scientist was happy that his creation was successful, but the creation turned against him. The cat named itself Bill, and using the stuff from the lab, he turned the scientist into a cucumber. Bill grabbed a jet-pack from the lab and a sausage-gun the scientist made, then left the lab through a window and continued on living.



Bill can fly using his jet-pack.


Bill always has his sausage-gun he got from the lab, it can shoot strong laser beams.


As mentioned before, Bill is a scienifically modified and super intelligent cat. He is also a god for maths and physics.



  • MosuFan was out of ideas for a new page on this wiki but he really wanted to make something. He asked for ideas, and Scoobydooman90001 said "1. bolonga, 2. cat, 3. jet-pack", so MosuFan immediately made Bill the Cat.
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