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The Universe -1 Black King, known as Hokuto Black King, is a modified version of Black King created by KoopaGalaxain.


Hokuto Black King resembles any other Black King, save for his piercing blue eyes and Hokuto asterism on his chest. Hokuto Black King also exudes bluish-white smoke from his jaws.


Universe -1

As part of Aetherium's plan to clear the way for G-Rex's awakening, the living galaxy allied with and recruited evil alien races. One of these races that Aetherium allied with were the Nackle. After receiving a single Black King from the planet, Aetherium modified it into Hokuto Black King, and sent it to Earth to wreak havoc.

Hokuto Black King destroyed city after city, killing humans in their millions. It seemed as if there was nothing that could stop him, until suddenly something unexpected happened; From the sky, a huge crack formed, and a red figure emerged, watching the evil kaiju's rampage. Yapool had appeared, and he decided that he wouldn't have his own plan to conquer Earth be defeated by Aetherium's schemes.

Summoning Verokron, Yapool quickly mounted a counter attack. While strong, Hokuto Black King was no match for the Choju's superior abilities, and was soon destroyed by waves of endless missiles from Verokron's hands and back spines. Aetherium had lost this time.

Council of Creators

Hokuto Black King became the new bartender for the Council of Creators in Episode 22, after proving his worth and making Koopa, Scoobs, Super and Cdr cocktails that they really liked. However, Hokuto Black King appears to have ulterior motives, something which shall become revealed as the series progresses.


  • Armoured Skin: As with the standard Black King, Hokuto Black King's skin is impervious to almost any physical assault, and also resists beams with a remarkable degree of strength.
  • Hokuto Magma: A stronger version of Black King's Hell Magma Beam. Capable of vaporising large areas of rock in a matter of seconds, this beam is also capable of causing brutal injuries to those it hits.
  • Deep Space Hidden Power: Rising Burst of the Eight Great Hells!: Hokuto Black King can fire an extremely powerful jet of blue-white flames from his mouth. First used in Episode 40 of Council of Creators, the attack was able to critically wound Organon and had the unexpected effect of neutralising the XZ-Class Global Pandemic he was triggering.
  • Psychoactive Smoke: The smoke constantly being breathed out by Hokuto Black King contains numerous chemicals, in particular several that have dramatic effects on the mental state of those who continually breathe them in for a long enough amount of time.
  • Immunity Smoke: In addition to his standard blue Psychoactive Smoke, Hokuto Black King is able to breathe out a green smoke, capable of neutralising any disease and giving those who breathe it in immunity to a wide variety of conditions, including Organon's Ischemic Putrefaction disease.
  • Rising Burst: A new and powerful attack first displayed by Hokuto Black King during the Creators and his battle against Organon. Hokuto Black King can fire an incredibly hot and powerful jet of blue-white fire from his jaws, capable of dealing serious damage to opponents. The extreme heat given off by the flames had the capability to neutralise the pathogens used by Organon for his Ischemic Putrefaction disease and XZ-Class Global Pandemic as well.


  • Black King is one of my favourite monsters, so it was only a matter of time before I implemented him somehow into the story of Universe -1.
  • I was also partly inspired to make this variant of Black King after buying his spark doll figure after being convinced by the Wikizilla chat to do so. I don't regret it!
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