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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

If you were on the chat that day, you will get the joke
Blank Image is a JPEG Kaiju that blocks out any form of images in a 100 mile radius from being shown a screen.


Blank Image looks like a blank image.


Origins/Universe 1

Blank Image was created by all the images people tried to post to the internet that had gone through an error and therefore came up blank, combining into one digital being through some means. Once coming into existence, Blank Image used his powers to stop anyone from being able to post an image. His latest victims were the users of the Wikizilla Chat of Universe 1. Fed up with this nonsense, the Council of Creators (sans SuperNerd, Indominus, and Wolfzilla) set out to find the cause of the problem. They located Blank Image hiding out inside a computer. Blank Image left the computer after it was destroyed by Cdr's Specium Ray, and grew to gigantic size, now entering the physical world. The Creators fought off Blank Image, and eventually managed to defeat it, casting the creature out into the land of chaos and parodies known as Universe 986, where it currently resides. The Creators also succeeded in restoring the Wikizlla Chat back to normal.

Universe 986

Blank Image was just as annoying to the residents of Universe 986, and occasionally got into fights with Googlesaurus Rex.

Moving Universes

Blank Image was messing up people's computers when he was sucked into yet another Universe 986 convenient wormhole. He ended up in Universe 1602, where he currently resides being an asshole and screwing up people's internet.

Council of Creators (series)

Blank Image is set to appear in the series as the main villain of the episode "Image Not Loading".


  • Size Change
  • Can stop all images on the internet from working within a 100 mile radius
  • Computer possession
  • Hovering. Blank Image can fly around and stuff.
  • Glicth Beam. Blank Image can fire a beam of distorted pixels from the icon in the middle of his body at enemies that glitches machinery. It's effect on organic beings is unknown.


  • Blank Image was based on a time when the Wikizilla Chat wasn't letting people post image's and the image used for this Kaiju appeared instead.
  • Blank Image is somewhat similar to the Pokemon Missingo.
  • Blamk Image was partially inspired by Platypus, another living JPEG image.
  • The infobox image is actually a screenshot of the blank images from the Wikizilla chat that were showing up that day.