Bootleg Jeff-saurus is the bootleg version of Jeff-saurus.


Bootleg Jeff-saurus' name pretty much explains his appearance. He's a bipedal dinosaur and has a deformed, light gray body with red dorsal plates. His face is white with a pair of small eyes and a big mouth, and it is also deformed.


Bootleg Jeff-saurus was created by the Chinese, as they wanted their own Jeff-saurus. The creation didn't turn out exactly as planned, in fact, it turned out to be an abomination. It didn't have any ability that Jeff-saurus possesses. The Chinese didn't know what to do with him, so they moved him to an island where he could live happily and because he was useless.


  • Glow: We all know that the real Jeff-saurus can glow, but this one... This one is too stupid to even glow.
  • Face: His face is too scary to even think of.


  • Just by looking at this image you will get cancer..
  • It's scientifically proven this image caused the Black Death.
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