Bra-antula is a spider kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.

Appearance Edit

Bra-antula is a large skeletal spider. For whatever reason, he only has four legs instead of eight and wears violet leg warmers on each of them. He likes to wear a pink bra covered in white spots. His head is a giant skull with no proper mouth. Coiling around his head is a black snake with white eyes.

History Edit

More information will be added when the episode is written and released!

Bra-antula was one of the many kaiju living in the Nightmare World of Universe 210. He operated as the second-in-command to the army of Nightmare World kaiju and spent most of his time roaming around the wasteland. Bra-antula was killed with the other Nightmare World kaiju.

Abilities Edit

  • Speed: Bra-antula is very quick and can travel great distances.
  • Climbing: Bra-antula is able to climb up the sides of walls.

Trivia Edit

  • Bra-antula is actually two living creatures working together as one. The snake is the dominant creature controlling Bra-antula, who lacks independent thought.
  • Bra-antula is actually the oldest kaiju I've made on this wiki, as I first drew him back in 2012. He was reused for The New Adventures of Oh Pi after I found the original drawing of him.
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