"Daddy, Britney's not in the terrarium, have you seen her?" - Hayley Mcullen five months before Britney's first appearence 

Britney is a bio-engineered reptilian- mollusk hybrid created by LDN-RDNT on DeviantArt.

History Edit

While it is certain Britney's origin is bio-engineered, where she was created is unknown, as its classified. 

Abilities Edit

  • Speed (80 kilometers on land, 60 knots/ 111.12 in water)
  • Melee Attacks: Britney can bite with both it's inner head and real head, and can attack with her forelimbs.
  • Acid: Britney can secrete acid like certain species of marine slugs.
  • Shell Retraction: Like snails, owing to her DNA, Britney can retract into her shell for protection. However, due to imperfect bio-engineering, she cannot fully retract inside herself. 

Enemies Edit

While Britney has not yet fought any kaiju, she has found an human enemy in France-based poaching syndicate The Mollusk Kings, who specialize in smuggling and cooking of rare, endangered mollusks, who see Britney as the ultimate escargot challenge, constantly trying to take her down with stolen military gear.  

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