Bunny is a deformed rabbit kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.

Bunny is a weird blob-shaped creature that attempted to eat all animals that were known to hunt and eat rabbits.


Bunny is mostly just a giant cream-coloured blob. She has a blue mouth on the front of her body with two eyes. One of these eyes is right next to the mouth while the other eye is quite far away from it. Strangely, Bunny also has two gigantic rabbit ears protruding from her body with the face of a rabbit underneath. Other random limbs occasionally extend and retract out of Bunny's body.


Bunny was created when a strange liquid monster came up from out of the sewers. It found a rabbit and by instinct, fused with it. Bunny morphed into a blob-shaped creature and began to develop a demanding appetite. She began to hunt down all of the animals that are known to eat rabbits. She was soon approached by Nurth who engaged in battle with it. Oh Pi soon arrived and took over from Nurth. Oh Pi eventually won by transforming his beak into a straw and consuming her like a drink. Bunny was then digested and never seen again. However, she did give Oh Pi indigestion which led to him hibernating inside of a fridge for a couple of months, allowing both Halloween and Christmas to pass by.


  • Tongue: Bunny has an incredibly long tongue that can reach across long distances. She only uses this ability to eat her prey.
  • Extra Limbs: Limbs randomly extend and retract from Bunny's body. She can use these in battle to hit her enemies.
  • Stretching: Like a putty toy, Bunny can be stretched and molded into any shape but won't feel any pain. Instead, she just calmly reverts back to her basic blob-like form.
  • Sticky: Bunny's body is very sticky and can easily get stuck to things bigger than herself. She uses this odd ability in battle to get on top of her enemies.


  • Bunny's roar is inspired by Hedorah's deep breathing in Godzilla vs. Hedorah.
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