The Busnado is a living tornado created by Scoobydooman90001.


The Busnado is a giant grey tornado. It enjoys picking up buses which circle around the tornado at rapid speeds.



In the first Busnado movie, the Busnado came into existence and began to attack Devon in the United Kingdom. It made its way through the country causing mass mayhem everywhere as it continued to pick up buses and fire them in every possible direction. The military realised that there was nothing they could do to stop the buses so with the help of a bus driver named Paul (he knew a lot about buses), they decided to attack the tornado itself instead. Paul led multiple jets into the tornado and dropped bombs, actually managing to explode it. Peace was restored to the UK and everyone slowly began to recover, disturbed by what had happened to them.

Busnado 2: They're Back

Two months after the first Busnado attack, the Busnado reformed just near New York. This time is was joined by two other Busnados (one of which was mentally disabled) so that it could take revenge on the humans for destroying it in the first movie. The three Busnados began to completely tear up the city and took out all of the big landmarks. The military managed to destroy one of the Busnados but the other two easily destroyed the jets by using their buses. Realizing they needed help, they head to the mountains and found the isolated cabin that Paul had moved to after the events of the last film. They asked him to help them and after putting some thought into it, he accepted. He led more jets into New York and bombed the other Busnado. The only Busnado left was the mentally disabled one. Angered by the loss of its friends, it began to erratically spin around and twist and contort. It was soon destroyed by a missile fired by Paul and the day was saved once again.

Busnado 3: This Time It's Personal

Despite being destroyed yet again, the original Busnado managed to regain tornado form yet again. Instead of going after big cities it went after Paul, the only person capable of defeating them. Tracking him down to the mountains, it completely destroyed his cabin and killed his wife and children. With no option other than to run away, Paul fled to Hawaii, changed his identity and grew a beard. Unsure of where the Busnado was, he attempted to alert the police. However, he discovered that the Busnado originally had a back-up plan and had used its strange powers to mutate a bus into a living humanoid bus-man so that it could infiltrate the government. No longer able to trust anyone, he took matters into his own hands and stole a helicopter so that he could battle the Busnado by himself. Finding the Busnado in the deserts of the United States, he jumped out of the helicopter and into the Busnado. Jumping on the buses to reach the bottom, he prepared a bomb that he had strapped to his chest. He completely destroyed the Busnado and spent his last moments of life happily knowing that he had finally put an end to the madness. However, he forgot about the bus-man in the government. It wasn't over yet.

Busnado 4: Animal Fusion Carnage

After the Busnado was killed forever, the bus-man hybrid put the back-up plan into action. Using the resources available to him, he created animal-bus hybrids. Setting up a tornado made of pure zero-point energy, he attacked all major cities with new blue Busnados. They all destroyed cities with their animal-bus hybrids (including Shark Buses, Piranha Buses and Gorilla Buses) as part of their ultimate mission to put an end to human life. Now that Paul was dead, the military found that they were unable to defeat the new Busnados. They went to his Hawaii home to see if he left behind any notes and discovered that in preparation of this new attack, he had created blueprints for a machine capable of destroying the Busnados. It was a jet. They built this ultimate weapon and flew them into the Busnados, bombing them all and putting an end to them. They also learnt of the existence of the bus-man hybrid working in the government but he had managed to escape before they could find him and capture him.

Busnado 5: Planet of the Busnados

This section is not finished yet and will be finished soon.

Two years have taken place since the last movie and it is now 2021. Even though it was destroyed forever in the third movie, scientists had managed to find the dead corpse of the Busnado and began to operate on it. Trying to find out how the sentient tornado lived and functioned, they cut it open and discovered a small black oval-shaped probe inside of it that flashed blue. It soon turned out that this was a beacon that was secretly transmitting to an unknown planet in our solar system home to thousands of Busnados.

Busnado 6: The Final End

Information will be added soon.

Busnado 7: Blast from the Past

Information will be added soon.


  • Bus Attack: The Busnado is able to grab buses from the ground and launch them in any direction so that it can cause destruction.


  • This character is a parody of Sharknado and makes just as little sense.
  • The history section is a parody of pointless sequels made to cash in on the popularity of the first film.
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