Camelspider is a Solpifugid Kaiju from Godzilla: the Series.


In Dubai, there was several disappearances of people. The G- Team decided to investigate the occurances.

During there stay, they saw the creature stomping through the city, destroying smaller buildings. The military arrived to fight the creature but was completely ineffective. Instead, the creature destroyed the entire military wave.

However, Zilla Jr arrived, and attacked the creature. They roared and snapped at each other, and soon advanced on each other. They clashed for a while, and ripped at each other, Zilla being the one who actually did, ripping two of Camelspider's legs off. In agony, Camelspider climbed the Burj Khalifa in an attempt to retreat, but Zilla Jr followed. He batted the creature off when they were at the top. However, Camelspider grabbed hold of the building as he was falling, but Zilla Jr collapse the building, causing it to fall on Camelspider. As Camelspider soon escaped the smashed building, Zilla Jr tunneled underground to follow, catching Camelspider Completely by surprise. As Zilla Jr prepared to finish Camelspider off, Camelspider bit Zilla Jr, ripping up his chest, allowing enough time to pounce on Zilla Jr. However, Zilla Jr breathed fire on Camelspider. Camelspider crawled off in agony. It sauntered over to Zilla Jr, attempting to bite him, but he blasted more fire at Camelspider. This ended Camelspider.


Camelspider has the same coloring as a normal Camel Spider, having sort of a yellowish color on it's head, and a gray abdomen, as well as yellowish legs. It also has black eyes. And despite a more spikey appearance, Camelspider has the same design as a normal Camel Spider.


  • Physical resiliance
  • Speed
  • Jumping high and far
  • Mutilating bite


  • Camelspider is, as said in the introduction, a giant Solpifugid. These are a group of Arachnids that are neither a Scorpion nor a spider, but are more related to scorpions.