Cetalas is seabird Kaiju created by Spinocroc123 that is set to appear in the Spinocroc123 shared universe.


Cetalas's name is simply enough a combination of the scientific names Cetacea and Sula, which respectively are given to whales and Boobies.


Cetalas is depicted as a large seabird like creature with a long thick Baird's beaked whale-like body, a long S-curved neck, and a long beak resembling that of a Blue-footed Booby. It possesses four seal-like flippers that are shaped in the same way the Booby's original form but larger. And finally, the creature has a long paddle-like tail that is used for swimming.


Like all creatures in the Spino-verse, Cetalas is a type of prehistoric creature that is the ancestor of the modern earth's Booby, but instead, it evolved to become an aquatic creature with a larger resemblance to aquatic mammals and plesiosauruses, due to the Probe-Gene's affection on the evolution of animals in this universe.


Godzilla The Wrathful King


Leviathan vs Behemoth


Godzilla: The Wrath of Ghidorah


Leviathan 3



  • Adapted Swimmers: Cetalas can swim at high speed.
  • Beaks: Cetalas' massive beaks can easily puncture and tear through the flesh of most creatures, even hard turtle shells and thick creature skulls would all be at least left broken by an attack of such beak.
  • Projectile Vomiting: At youth, these creatures develop a mechanism that allows them to save up to 10% of their gastric acids in their goiter and spit it on their enemies.