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Child Mind is a machine created by Scoobydooman90001. He is the main villain of the upcoming third season Council of Creators and was first referenced in Second Chance.


Child Mind himself is just a growing brain that has been preserved since the 1930s. Seated instead of a giant vat of liquid, he is pumped with different sedative chemicals that has caused his brain to grow. His vat is attached to a gigantic green cylindrical machine. Each section is able to rotate around in circles. Near the top of the machine is two long poles that each hold a Toy Jester. They can spin around into a wall to swap out a Jester for a different one. The giant tower powers the dreams the large brain has, with the Jesters fueling and representing its emotions. Attached to a long retractable tube is a small orb that shakes like a rattle. It also functions as an eye when Child Mind is awake and active.


Child Mind started life as a young child named William in the 1930s. He lived a happy life as a young child, before being involved in a horrific accident at the age of three years old. Slowly dying, nothing could be done to help him. However, a special organization helped his father preserve William's brain, where it would have to be protected. As the decades passed, work began on a machine that would jump-start his brain and allow him to live again. Unfortunately, the chemicals that had been pumped into his brain had caused it to grow to abnormal sizes and he couldn't be transplanted into a human body. Instead, his machine was built into a giant tower that would sedate his brain and put him in a dream-like state, allowing him to live an imaginary live as a child forever, giving birth to his obsession with toys.

This section will be updated when he appears in the series.


Most of the machine is created to cater to the living brain:

  • The tubes attached to the top of the tower pump sedative chemicals into the brain, keeping it asleep and allowing it to dream so that it doesn't wake up and realise the true horrors of its existence. The rattle toy on the tube creates sound patterns that the brain recognizes and registers into its dreams.
  • The two Jesters attached to the metal poles represent the emotions the brain is experiencing and influence the dreams that the brain has.
  • The liquid being flushed around inside of the vat preserves the brain and keeps it from dehydrating and shriveling up.
  • At the bottom of a tower is a large screen that monitors brain activity. However, Child Mind is also able to use this screen as a speaker to communicate when it wakes up.


  • Child Mind is the first truly original villain of a season of Council of Creators. Unlike Flurr (who is based off of an actual person), Hokuto Black King and Aetherium, Child Mind and the Toy Jesters were created specifically for Council of Creators as villains to appear in the series.
  • Child Mind is technically the youngest villain to have been a villain of a season finale.
  • Despite being a living brain, Child Mind is not based upon the Brain from the 1998 movie, The Brain.
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