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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Surprise surprise, a Kaiju based on Cool Cat is a joke
Cool Cat is a really coooolllll Kaiju from Universe 1602 and the son of Daddy Derick. Cool Cat loooovvveesss the kids. (perhaps a bit too much).

Appearance Edit

Cool Cat looks like well, the actual cool cat. But bigger. He also occasionally looks MLG.

History Edit

Cool Cat was a Kaiju created by Daddy Derick to be some sort of "role model" to children. Unfortunately for them, this failed spectacularly. Angry, Daddy Derick took it out on the world, and sent Cool Cat on a rampage. Because of this rampage, Cool Cat is responsible for 9/11 in Universe 1602. Anyways, Cool Cat was eventually defeated by IHEzilla and various other film critics. However Daddy Derick would target IHEzilla because of this, causing a shit ton of idiotic shenanigans that resulted in IHEzilla's youtube channel getting taken down. However, IHEzilla's viewers stood up for him and helped IHEzilla to defeat Daddy Derick. Cool Cat was also defeated and has now been cast out to the depths of the internet, hopefully never to be seen again......

Yeah right.

Abilities Edit

  • MLGness. Through some artificial means, Cool Cat can briefly harness MLG power.
  • Cool Beam. A beam of coolness that causes anyone it hits to start acting like Cool Cat.
  • Size Changing. Cool cat can change between human and kaiju size at will.
  • Mind control. Cool cat can instil a form of weak mind control in human children. He was Inc briefly able to use this ability on IHEzilla after nearly driving him insane.
  • Morality pulse. Cool cat can emit a pulse of energy that causes everyone around him to perceive him as being a good guy and cause cool cat to gain a moral advantage over whoever he is fighting. This was used to brainwash various people into being actors in his movie.

Trivia Edit

  • This Kaiju both literally is, and is a parody of, Cool Cat.
  • Most of the history is a parody of I Hate Everything's copyright ordeal with Derrick Savage.

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