"The Way the Heart Beats" is the eleventh episode of Council of Creators. It was written by SuperNerd.


"God damn hacker." SuperNerd said playing Call of Duty. "Hey Nerd." Cdr said walking into the living room. "Can you see this guy clipping through buildings???" Nerd said concentrated on the several clips he recorded to send to Xbox LIVE. "So I'm guessing he's a hacker?" Cdr said. "You bet so." Nerd replied, sending the e-mail to Microsoft. Nerd shut off his system and him and Cdr began talking about what happened "yesterday". Soon Scoobs came down. "Your up early." Cdr said. "I know it's just that what happened during yesterday is bugging me. " He replied. "I think you mean today." Nerd said. "Whatever." Scoobs said. "Oh shit." Nerd suddenly realized something. "Is Caedes still in the enclosure?" "Who the hell is Caedes?" Cdr asked. "Yeah, who is he?" Scoobs said concerned for Nerds mental health. "He's the large purple reptilian creature. Brings back memories now, don't it?" Nerd said. Just talking about the creature gave the three shivers. "So, who wants some drinks?" Nerd asked hoping to raise the groups feelings.

"I don't understand you." A voice murmured out of the corner. "Why are you doing this?" "We have decided that we are going to battle the enemy and attempt to save the world." A high ranking AKEPS officer said to the boy. "What happens if you fail?" the boy asked impatiently. "Then we accept defeat and the destruction of the foundation.We will accept global humiliation." The man said proud, knowing that one day he would eat those words. "So what would you do if an enemy attacked right now?" The boy asked his final question. "We would deploy all units, including you for battle." The officer answered. "I don't like those answers." The boy said standing. With his head down low, he began walking towards the officer. The cameras short circuited soon after, leaving what happened before a large puddle of blood appearing on the wall, all up to interpretation.

The rest of the Creators woke up soon after. BRK went back to eating the banana, WeegeeZilla went back to doing whatever he was doing on the computer Mosu was back at thinking up some weird and satanic kaiju. Wolfzilla went back into the bar and tapped Cdr's shoulder. "Hey bro." Everyone greeted her. Indominus was back at watching some weird, not well known anime. Things where going smoothly. About three hours later the dimensional activity tracer caught something. "What is it now?" Brk said dropping his banana. "Is it another member of the Poop Squad?" Mosu asked curiously. "Is it another god damn Tongue Louse?" Scoobs said. "No. It's a boy. Like a genuine 14 year old boy." Weegee said as he was the first to arrive. "WHAT???" Everyone else said in confusion. "If you don't believe me come here and look. I think the tracers broken. " Weegee said. "That's weird." Cdr said. "That's not good" Nerd said looking on the screen. "What? What's not good? And emo teen whose gonna threaten to cut himself or your average teenage boy. Oh no! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! It's an average teenage boy!" "I don't think the first part is a good thing." Nerd said. "Here, I bet you that my Ultraman Jack form can't get cut by a knife." Cdr said waiting for someone to challenge him so he could use common sense to get a free 5 dollars. "No, we have more important things to worry about, like how the DAT focused on a baby man child." Weegee said. "Or who the baby man child is." Nerd said again. The tracker beeped again. "What hot thing is coming this time?" Nerd said just to get his repetitive joke into the episode. "It's Stingo and Gawdzila." Weegee said. "All stations ready for battle!" Titanosaurus clone said walking into the room. Everyone just looked at him. "What, I just wanted in on the action."

Stingo was screaming so loud that even Gawdzila's ears where bleeding. Gawdzila was firing his Awtomik Bweth and burning 1 building at a time. The Council arrived by the time they destroyed 6 city blocks. "o shet iet b3 deh poupou." Gawdzilla said starting to run away so he could escape Stingo's roar. "THIS MAIL BOX IS MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THIS TRIAGONAL SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS BLUE BALLOON, THE MONTH OF JUNE, IT'S MINE MINE MINE MINE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Stingo screamed at a pitch and volume that would have caused any humans on the area to die and have their heads explode if they hadn't evacuated previously. The Creators though where sent FLYING backwards at a speed almost as fast as Scoobs runs. "Hey Scoob." Nerd said. "Yeah Nerd?" He replied. "Your shirt. Where did it go?" "What shirt?" The Creators ran over to where Stingo and Gawdzila where, but they where already going into a portal. "wi wul couem bek< u c." Gawdzilla said as if he was defeated. "So, all that got destroyed was a few corrupt company buildings?" Cdr asked looking at the rubble. "And the apartment that opened yesterday with no one living in it. " Nerd said. "So basically no damage was done?" Cdr asked. "Pretty much. The only thing that we should bother to repair are the tree's that got burnt." Weegee said walking up to the two. "None of us have any seeds." Nerd and Cdr said in unison. "That's all right I was paying the towns people to help put them back anyways." Weegee said. "oh." the two said in unison once more.

"That was close" the kid said, running into an alley way. "Uh, no kid." a mysterious voice bellowed from deeper down the alley. A Fandom User showed up pointing out of the alley. "That way kid. This alleyway is mine." The Fandom User said. "BUT!" He said as the kid was walking away. "There is a way you can stay here. I want you to kill all of your friends and family and then bring em here....." He said with a serious, wicked grin on his face. "Nah, I'm just pulling your leg. Stay here if you want, I'm just waiting for this dog guy to come here and ask for advice about taking off Tongue Lice." The User began snickering. "I don't have parents or friends." the kid said. "Oh shit. I... I'm so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry dude. I didn't think that would offend you." The Fandom User began to apologize. "It didn't offend me." The boy said. "It only angered me enough to where I want you dead." The boy started to whisper in Latin, as Caedes slowly formed out of his necklace. "Occidit eum?" The beast said as he gently and carefully pulled himself up onto buildings and stood on them. "Kill me?" The Fandom User said only slightly terrified. "Hominem mollibus vestitum ecce enim tuus sicut dolor." Caedes said again. "Thanks, but this is a secret agent outfit I highly doubt that it lowers my..." The creature swiped to the left knocking the Fandom User through several buildings. "God damn creature. I must report to base." The User said running back to base. News cameras where already rolling in from the other street by the time the user ran away.

The army gave the notice to C.O.C. "Guys we got trouble on our hands." Weegee said walking in with a hand written letter. "It says that we got an enemy that resembles a large purple lizard with long black hair. I dunno check the TV screen I'm just as confused as you." Super, Cdr, and Scoobs stopped in their tracks. "He was still able to escape..." Nerd said horrified. Mosu flashed the TV onto the 12 o'clock news. The headline read "Purple monster destroying city". The boy was seen telling the monster commands. It ran towards the news crew and the cameras blurred out. "It's time to fight." Nerd said kicking the automatic door down and then opening the manual door. "You did it backwards Super." Wolfzilla said waking up from an elongated nap.

By the time the group had arrived on the scene 60 city blocks where destroyed. The monster who was standing in it's flames looked at the group as from 6 miles away, he was sucked back into the necklace. The Creators looked on with fire in their eyes. "We will get you." Scoobs said.







Wolfzilla (minor)

MosuFan2004 (minor)

BRK (minor)

Indominus Rex 2016 (minor)


Gawdzila 9mienur0

Stingo (minor)

Fandom User


  • This is the second episode of the Caedes arc.