Crocodylus Gigantus is a croc.

Appearance Edit

Crocodylus Gigantus is a giant crocodile with 2 sets of legs and 6 eyes.

History Edit

Crocodylus Gigantus was found by Island Turtle in the small town of Ontario. When Island Turtle was walking closer to Crocodylus Gigantus, a siren is heard and the military came and start attacking them, When Island Turtle and Croco was going to swim away, B.U.T.T appeared and start punching Island Turtle, seeing his friend getting hurt, Croco start firing his laser vision to B.U.T.T's neck and, B.U.T.T was beheaded, turning him offline and they then swim happily ever after.

Abilities Edit

  • Ice breath

Croco can shoot huge chunks of ice with a diameter of 13m from his mouth.

  • Laser Vision

Trivia Edit

  • I know this is a very short page but i'm waaaaay to lazy to do anything.

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