Daggerjaw is a category 3 Kaiju.


Daggerjaw was the 10 th Kaiju to rise from the breach. It attacked Seattle.

They sent 4 Jaegers to fight Daggerjaw. By then, Seattle was nearly leveled. The Jaegers fought it. It was overpowering them one by one. There was only one left. Daggerjaw charged at the Jaeger, but was blasted with the Jaegers laser, which killed the creature.


Daggerjaw is brownish- black, and has red stripes on it. He has a bulky build, simolar to Trespasser, Knifehead, and Leatherback. He has a tail similar to Trespasser. He has horns on his lower jaw, hence the name.


Daggerjaw has no special weapons. However, he is very strong, and uses his long, muscled arms to propell himself at enemies. He also uses his jaw horns to shred opponents.


  • This is my third Pacific Rim Kaiju.