Dark Rat is a Halloween special Ratzilla.


Dark Rat is a giant rat with black fur, orange tail and arms, orange patterns on the knees, on the body, around the mouth and around the eyes.


Dark Rat is a mutated rat, he was mutated like every other Ratzilla. Dark Rat one day fought an unidentified ratzilla, after a long battle he finally killed the ratzilla, but that unindentified ratzilla had "spirit powers" so unidentified ratzilla's spirit got into Dark Rat. Dark Rat psychically fought the spirit with his own spirit, Dark Rat after a long battle defeated the spirit and developed the "spirit power". Dark Rat with his "spirit power" was unstoppable, but when he fought StormRat and SpaceRatzilla when moon was full, he was unstoppable, he was going to kill SpaceRatzilla and StormRat but S.S.W. Rat came and fought Dark Rat while StormRat and SpaceRatzilla were escaping. Dark Rat fought S.S.W. Rat, but when he was going to grab her with his tail and use his electricity attack which is x3 times stronger when moon is full, clouds covered the moon, Dark Rat lost his x3 times stronger powers, S.S.W. Rat escaped but Dark Rat was too tired to chase her.


his electricity is orange

  • Electricity Tail
  • Electricity Blast
  • Spirit Powers (can control someone's body but only when the victim is knocked out)
  • Full Moon (when is full moon Dark Rat's powers are x3 stronger but when the moon is covered by clouds he looses his x3 stronger powers)


  • Dark Rat is the LAST Ratzilla created by MosuFan2004. MosuFan is no longer making Ratzillas.