Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Rezaurix the Original Character is a very original creature created by Scoobydooman90001.


Darkness is the result of a cloning experiment by some evil scientists. Starting in 2004, some somewhat-evil scientists began testing on some DNA that they managed to extract from Rezaurix. 13 years later, they were finally ready to release their clone who was eager to escape. Because he is naturally edgy, he named himself Darkness and began committing some crimes. However, people began to assume that he was Rezaurix (which literally makes no sense). The two got into a fight where they shouted some things at each other and Rezaurix said "I'll make you eat those words!" I can't remember the rest because I fell asleep due to how poorly written it was. After some other things happened, Darkness was reduced to a minor character that became worse and worse. He even got his own video game. It sucked though.


  • Flight: Darkness can fly.
  • Speed: Darkness can run just as fast as Rezaurix does. Despite this, Rezaurix is the definite fastest thing alive.
  • Super Jump: Darkness can jump so high that he once did a front flip over the Statue of Liberty. However, nobody cared and instead decided to focus on how Rezaurix did a back flip over the empire state building.
  • Raptor's powers, Godzilla's powers and Ratzilla's powers: Like Rezaurix, Darkness has every power possessed by every Raptor, Godzilla and Ratzilla due to having some of their DNA inside him.
  • Finger Beam: Darkness has a small spike on his left hand that can fire darkness beams when he points at an enemy. They instantly become depressed when it hits them. Some people even cut themselves.
  • Storage: Nobody knows how he does it, but Darkness is able to pull guns out from his back. It is speculated that he hides them inside his... you know...
  • Tail: Darkness can aim his tail in any direction he wants and use it to fire edgy beams that change the skin colours of his enemies to black, grey and dark blue.
  • Being pregnant: Darkness was once kidnapped by a terrorist organisation going by the name of DeviantArt. They shipped him with an ogre called Shrek and gave him the powers to get pregnant. He doesn't use them.


  • Darkness is even more original and edgy than Rezaurix is.
  • Darkness can't utilise the hat boomerang attack as his hat is literally part of his head.
  • Darkness and his inconsistencies are a parody of the SEGA character, Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Darkness doesn't have the abilities of paralysis like Rezaurix does as the scientists that created him did not want to end up accidentally getting paralyzed. This makes him inferior to Rezaurix despite being the ultimate lifeform.
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