Delivery Squadron Mailman is a series somewhere between Super Sentai and Power Rangers. 


A series of natural disasters turns Earth into a barren wasteland, where warlords fights each other for territory and control over the untouched resources. Wall Cities are built by the few remaining countries on Earth to safeguard their citizens. These cities relies on space delivered cargos and scouting parties for resources to feed the populace and keep the city running on an operational level. Cosmopolis is one of the many Wall Cities that dots the desolate land. The delivery of these resources as well as other things are handled by the Cosmopolis Delivery Service. One of the branches of the CDS is the Delivery Squadron Mailman, an armed delivery force sent to deliver packages and fight any hostiles inside the city as a response to the increasing activity of the Delay, a terrorist organization seeking to take over the city.


Delivery Squadron Mailman


Color Name
-1 John
-2 Steve
-3 Bill
-4 Vi
-5 Bob


Color Name
Mail 1 John Walker
Mail 2 Henry Nes
Mail 3 Diane Jacks
Mail 4 Bianca Frei
Mail 5 Roy Crown


Color Name
Number 1 Teyo
Number 2 San
Number 3 Balkan


  • Cosmopolis Delivery Service
    • Fred "Boxman"
    • SR Jane
    • SR Josh
    • Supervisor Dan
  • Cosmopolis Government
    • Ministry of Economy Constantine


  • Delay Resistance
    • Big Boss
    • Furai
    • Ross
    • Weva
    • Jekt
    • Hazards
      • Hazard Commander Orange
        • Sword Hazard
        • Gun Hazard
        • Bomb Hazard
        • Tank Hazard
      • Hazard Commander Cyan
        • Bulldog Hazard
        • Octopus Hazard
        • Shark Hazard
        • Python Hazard
        • Dragon Hazard
      • Hazard Commander Gold
        • Shell Hazard
        • Coin Hazard
        • Money Hazard
        • Card Hazard
      • Hazard Commander Black
        • Scissors Hazard
        • Knife Hazard
        • Hammer Hazard
        • Ruler Hazard
      • Hazard Commander Purple
        • Ninja Hazard
        • Police Hazard
        • Racer Hazard
        • Karate Hazard
        • Beastman Hazard
      • Hazard Commander Silver
        • Wire Hazard
        • Satellite Hazard
        • Cybernet Hazard
  • Warlords
    • Warlord Masha
    • Warlord Nisha
    • Warlord Ousha
    • Warlord Resha
    • Warlord Sosha


Transformation Device

  • CDS Scanner

Communication Device

  • Wolfone Cell Phone


  • CDS Scanner (Gun Mode) (Team-35 only)
  • CDS Scanner (Baton Mode) (Team-95 only)
  • CDS Scanner (Fist Mode) (Team-105 only)

Team Blaster

  • Strike Cannon (Team-95 and 105 only)


  • Box Truck
    • Armored Combat Box Truck (Team-35 only)
  • Delivery Bike (Team-95 and 105 only)


1. The Men (Unknown)


  • It is neither a Super Sentai team or a Power Rangers team.
  • The idea for this came from nowhere.