Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Think to yourself "Could a Kaiju called Devil Dolphin maybe be a joke". If you took one look at this parody template, or the actual page, the answer is yes
Devil Dolphin is the leader of the Evil Dolphins and the most evil evil dolphin ever.


Devil Dolphin looks much like a normal evil dolphin, but he has horns on his head and a trident tipped with hyper realistic blood.


Devil Dolphin, due to being the leader of the dolphins is also secretly responsible for every atrocity in human history. In fact it was Devil Dolphin himself who was disguised as Hitler. Unknown to even his fellow evil dolphins, Devil Dolphin has only one true lord and master, Satanturtle. Satanturtle commands Devil Dolphin and was the one who told him to do all those evil thanks. But don't tell anyone ok, spoilers. Anyway when the evil dolphins found out that Dugongus Maximus, the last surviving Dugong, was still alive, Devil Dolphin personally launched the dolphin invasion of the world. However Dugongus had prepared for this and recruited every kaiju living on Monster island to help him out against the dolphins. Soon it was a full-blown war, and after months of fighting, Dugongus broke into the Dolphin HQ and battled Devil Dolphin to the death, with the Dugong eventually winning, killing Devil Dolphin and ending the terror of the Dolphins forever.


  • Sharp Horns
  • Evilness
  • Smartness. Devil Dolphin is the most intelligent evil dolphin of them all
  • Demonic powers
  • Hell Magma beam
  • Trident. Devil Dolphin's trident can be used as a weapon for hand-to-flipper combat but can also fire a beam of Hyper Realistic Blood Lightning.
  • Flight
  • Dolphin summoning. Devil Dolphin can summon other evil dolphins to help him. He did this against Dugongus, but said evil dolphins were all easily killed by Zetton ll, thus providing Devil Dolphin on assistance against the Dugong.
  • Sharp Teeth.


  • Devil Dolphin is currently the only named Evil Dolphin, thus why he has a separate page.