Diablos is one of Square Enix's ultimate weapons. An artificial life form created to be the successor to Mekanaria after she was heavily damaged in battle. Little known to almost anyone, he is actually the revived form of SuperNerd and Mekanaria's deceased brother, Pirandes! More information on this will be added later.


He looks like that------------------------->


Square Enix's previous creation, Mekanaria, had been greatly damaged in battle. After they realized that some of the universes they had visited in the past had very powerful Kaiju, SE began constructing new weapons to carry out their conquests. These included and army of mass-produced Simian Mechagodzillas, and their latest ultimate weapon, Diablos. Diablos proved extremely powerful, SE's most successful creation yet. Little did they know, that Death T-Rex knew of their weapon, due to the massive amount of deaths that were caused when it appeared. Death T-Rex was able to discreetly take control of Diablos, as well as imbue him with some of his own power. At the moment, Diablos still serves Square Enix. Little do they know, that can change at any time.


  • Flight
  • A portion of Death T-Rex's power
  • Sharp Claws
  • Teleportation *
  • Energy projectiles fired from his hands that vary in power
  • A large axe-like weapon
  • Energy redirection
  • Self-Explosion


  • I already said this, but I didn't make the design, nor do I claim to. Just the origin and powers.
  • This is my first Square Enix Kaiju, not counting my existing Kaiju who joined SE.