Dinosaur Tank Mk3 is an upgraded form of Dinosaur Tank created by Alien Kill.

Appearance Edit

Dino Tank Mk 3 looks like the Normal Dinosaur Tank, but with more weapons attached.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Dinosaur Tank Mk3 was created by Alien Kill in order to kill all who stood in his way of conquering the earth. He was unleashed on a city, where Ultraseven was having a friendly conversation with Rigger. Seven and his Kaiju ally fought off the upgrader Dinosaur Tank, but he proved to be much more powerful, due to his extra weapons. Dino Tank rained hell upon the both of them until Ultraseven threw his Eye Sluggere, which cut off several of Dinosaur Tank's weapons. With the weapons destroyed, Ultraseven and Rigger were easily able to defeat Dinosaur Tank Mk 3. After the battle, Rigger went back to Monster Island and Seven shrunk to human size to track down Alien Kill.

T-Rex: Final Final Wars: Giant Clusterf*** All Out Attack! Edit

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Abilities Edit

  • All the guns fire
  • He rolls
  • Biting

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, I was going to call him "Weaponized Dinosaur Tank"
  • Now he actually functions as a tank
  • Rigger was only included in this story because he was made from Dinosaur Tank's suit.
  • Dinosaur Tank Mk 3's name is based on Dinosaur Tank Mk 2, a variation of Dinosaur Tank that appeared in a video game.

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