Donkanguirus was Shrekzilla's best friend before his death. He lead the rebellion against King Farquadorah with Little Shrekzilla.

Appearance Edit

Like Little Shrekzilla, Donkanguirus resembles a horrid abomination of photoshop.

History Edit

Donkanguirus was Shrekzilla's best friend before his death. After Shrekzilla was killed, Donkanguirus took care of Little Shrekzilla. Years later, the two started a rebellion against King Farquadorah's tyrannical rule. The two succeeded with help from Donkanguirus's girlfriend, a giant dragon.

Abilities Edit

  • Same as Anguirus
  • The ability to annoy others into submission

Trivia Edit

  • Donkanguirus is an obvious parody of Donkey from the Shrek films.
  • Like Farquadorah and Little Shrekzilla before him, Donkanguirus was created in an attempt to give Shrekzilla a supporting cast.
  • Donkanguirus is my second Anguirus parody, after Giant Ankylosaurus.

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