Doteog is a species of wild dog-like kaijin created by Scoobydooman90001.


Doteogs are human in shape, vary in size and is completely covered in brown fur. However, they have rounded feet, like that of an elephant, and three sharp claws on each hand. The head is shaped like the head of an ant-eater with a single cream-coloured eye on the end of it. The white 'pupil' in their eye is actually two rows of teeth forming the illusion of a pupil. The cream-coloured parts pull open into four separate flaps, revealing a round mouth. Most Doteogs are brown, grey or black in colour and typically come in different sizes, shapes and builds.


Multiple different Doteogs appear throughout Insolitam and The New Adventures of Oh Pi, though most of these appearances are brief cameos. The first Doteog that appeared in either series was hunted down by James Taylor and Bill Moore in 2017 when they first met Louisa Wells. It was captured by them and kept within the Insolitam prison cells where it could be kept away from harming other people. Oh Pi, Verri Opee and the rest of the team later came across a larger grey Doteog in the year 3008, but were easily able to defeat it.


  • Leaping: Doteogs are able to leap back and forth in very unnatural ways. The one encountered by Louisa Wells displayed the ability to crouch down and leap backwards similar to how pouncing forwards would look in reversed footage.
  • Mouth: The eye on the end of Doteog's snout is also a mouth. The darker colours of the eye serve as the eye whereas the white 'pupil' is actually two lines of sharp teeth. The eye can expand outwards in four diagonal directions to reveal a long tongue and many lines of teeth that it uses to eat its prey.


  • Alongside the White Suns, the Doteogs are one of the most common creatures in Insolitam and make multiple appearances throughout the series. They also make a few appearances in The New Adventures of Oh Pi, though the Skarazanni are far more common in appearances.
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