Dubsteparian is is an alien CD who came to Earth to introduce humanity and Earth kaiju to fancy dubstep.

Appearance Edit

Dubsteparian is a CD with arms, legs and headphones and also has a green note on his head.

History Edit

Dubsteparian left his planet because reasons, he came to an ugly planet called "Earth". On that ugly planet he made a dubstep song called "Dubsteparian - 837h48n38f74ng8n4buh4g8", everyone liked the song so Dubsteparian made his own YouTube channel just for dubstep songs. Dubsteparian got 8932675 subs and 6847557329757789878587785748748758478475845875845 views. He later donated his money from YouTube to save homeless and endangered memes.

Abilities Edit

  • Ear Rape: Like Bob, Dubsteparian can play a really loud soundtrack, sounds exactly like Bob's roar.
  • Dubstep: Dubsteparian can make dubstep songs.
  • DropSword: Dubsteparian has a sword.


Weaknesses Edit

  • Classic Music: Dubsteparian hates classic music.

Trivia Edit

Do you like Dubsteparian?

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