Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Dugongus Maximus is a legendary DUGONG. He is thus a very majestic Kaiju.


Dugongus Maximus looks like a Dugong. As such he is cute and obese.


In ancient times the Dugongs ruled the seas. They were a majestic race, however legend says they were often mistaken for those sluts the mermaids. Anyway, the dugongs were a peaceful race and remained so for centuries until the rise of the evil Dolphins! These fiends became the new cute sea mammal, while also slowly wiping out the Dugong population. Soon, there were only a few left, including the leader of an ancient Dugong tribe, Dugongus Maximus. Dugongus Maximus was a wise Dugong, who eventually grew fat enough to be considered a Kaiju. Dugongus harbors no resentment towards the humans, except when they kill fellow dugongs. Dugongus Maximus quickly got on the GDF's radar for killing fisherman, and was moved to Monster Island. There he met another cute and obese being, Zetton II. The two became friends, and when the Dolphins launched their invasion, Dugongus and Zetton II led the charge against their forces, recruiting every Kaiju on Monster Island they could. Soon the war agains the dolphins was on. After months of fighting, Dugongus Maximus infiltrated the Dophlin stronghold and finally slayed the Dolphin Leader. The world rejoiced afterwords.


  • Adept Swimmer
  • Dugongus Maximus can survive on land and in water
  • All natrual abilities of a Dugong
  • Eye Beams
  • Cuteness
  • Belly Flop. Dugongus can Belly Flop onto enemies to crush them to death with his body fat


  • This Kaiju was made as a birthday present for my friend, Mosufan2004. Happy B-Day!
  • Mosu can use this kaiju whenever he wants since it was made for his birthday.