Durr Plantollante is a mutated Durr Plant and meme Kaiju accidentally created by IHEzilla.


Durr Plantollante looks like Biollante but with a Durr Plant for a head. The little mouths on the end the vines are also Durr Plants.


While making a video on Ultraman Daniel, IHEzilla created Durr Plantollante as an anti-meme. An analogy for how stupid and simple the Ultraman Daniel video was. Unfortunately, this is Universe 1602, so morons on the internet decided to turn Durr Plantollante in an actual meme. Durr Plantollante, who was just a Durr Plant at the time, was mutated by meme energies into Durr Plantolante. IHEzilla set out to stop Durr Plantollante, and after a totally epic battle IHEzilla won, and Durr Plantollante was left a dead,outdated, and unfunny meme. However Durr Plantollante is still out there, looking to become funny again.


  • Durrrp Ray. Similar to Keith, Durr Plantollante can fire a beam that makes beings stupider. This was used to spread the meme.
  • Durr Plantollante gets stronger the more exposure the meme is given.
  • Tentacles.
  • Burrowing


  • Durr Plantollante is obviously a parody of the Durr Plant meme.
  • Keith is a creation of Scoobydooman90001. the Durrrp Ray attack was inspired by an attack Keith has where he makes people dumber.
  • Durr Plantollante is the first meme Kaiju I've made in a while for some reason.