Dyna Spark Doll is a living Spark Doll that BRK is in love with. As it turns out, he is actually Ultraman Dyna from Universe 1998.


In his Spark Doll form, Dyna looks like a normal Ultraman Dyna spark doll. In his Ultra form, he looks exactly like the normal Ultraman Dyna.


In his universe, Dyna defended the Earth from evil alongside various other Ultras. This was until Dark Lugiel invaded, transforming all of the Ultras and Kaiju on Earth, and later in the entire universe, into Spark Dolls. Dyna was however still sentient and aware. He managed to escape somehow and ended up in Universe 1, where though, he came into the possession of BRK, a member of the Council of Creators. BRK, believing the Spark Doll was normal action figure, thought nothing of Dyna, and oddly decided to take the "figure" with him to the movies, to see Kong: Skull Island. While there, Dyna revealed that he was in fact alive to BRK. During and after the movie, the two fell in love. Yes really. They returned to the Council's HQ, where Dyna later aided them after hearing news of Mons-Aghar, Giganto Zetton, Meemos, and Reigubas attacking a city. During the battle, Dyna was UltraLived back into his normal form things to a Ginga Spark Cdr had "borrowed" from an alternate version of Ultraman Ginga. However, after the Kaiju and alien were defeated, it was revealed that Dark Lugiel had followed Dyna, and staged the attack to draw him out. Lugiel then teleported Dark counterparts of Dyna's previous allies into the city, revealing that he had transformed them with his dark energies. Dyna once again aided the Council of Creators in battle, later forcibly merging with Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Cosmos, freeing them of Lugiel's control and transforming the three into Ultraman Saga. After that. Saga and Lugiel started fighting, leading to them both entering a portal created by Lugiel. Dyna has not been seen since and his current whereabouts are unknown.


Spark Doll form

  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • A tiny Solgent Ray

Ultra Form

  • Same abilities as the normal Dyna.


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