Echoes is composed of 8 portals:

  • Mouths: 3 portals are mouths;
  • Head: 1 portal is it's head;
  • Hands: 4 portals are hands.


In Berlin, Germany, two portals appeared. Expecting that from the portals would two kaijus appear to attack Earth RA HQ already prepared various tanks. 30 minutes after the portals appearing the two mechanical kaijus name Tusk and Echoes announced for Earth to surrender or their master would destroy Earth, but Atum and Tefnut soon appeared to defeat both kaiju. Tusk and Echoes combined their powers of the Golden Ratio and of the Echo to destroy Atum and Tefnut. Close to destroying both Ultra Crusaders Atum used it's Pillar Blade to cut Tusk's tail and Tefnut destroyed Echoes' mouths killing it.


  • Portals: Echoes can use it's portals to summon kaijus, teleportate kaijus, bite it's enemies and punch them;
  • Head Beam: Echoes can use a beam that looks like it's head;
  • Echo: By clapping it's hands together Echoes can make powerful echoes that easily destroy glass.


  • Echoes name is based on Echoes a song made by Pink Floyd.

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