Edgelord Destroyah is well, and edgy version of Destroyah.

Appearance Edit

Edgelord Destroyah is identical to Matt Frank's "Godzilla Neo" Destroyah design, albeit colored black and stuff, thus making him look edgy.

History Edit

Edgelord Destroyah was once just plain old Destroyah from Universe 986. He was an asshole and killed people for no reason. After a fight with T-Rex, Destroyah was off being pissy because T-Rex called him edgy for wanting to kill everything alive. While Destroyah was murdering some children (as you do), he suddenly heard some weird whispery voices or something. Destroyah turned around to see some Shadow Creatures hovering before him. Destroyah, being a Universe 986 Kaiju, somehow knew about all the shit that happened in Universe 1954 and casually asked the Shadow Creatures how they were even alive, since they had all been killed in Universe 1954, and he didn't see any wormholes opening up. The Creatures simply said nothing and possessed Destroyah. Destroyah was actually totally cool with this and was soon being his normal self, albeit with different colors. Oh and he grew spider legs in place of his normal ones for some reason. After a fight with Godzilla, Destroyah realized he actually was kinda edgy, especially with his new color scheme, and decided to embrace this, renaming himself to Edgelord Destroyah. Later on he met a dude called Shadow Dark T-Rex The Edge, who recruited Destroyah for some plan he had. Destroyah didn't really care, he just wanted to kill people.

Abilities Edit

  • Edgelord Destroyah has all the same powers as the normal Destroyah as well as those poorly defined "Shadow Powers" all the Shadow Kaiju have.

Trivia Edit

  • Edgelord Destroyah is somewhat of a self parody of one of my own kaiju, The Dark Destroyer.
  • Like Gothra, this page was not only created because of the poll, but also because apparently this wiki needs more edgelords.
  • Edgelord Destroyah, of course, parodies the normal Destroyah from the Godzilla movies, especially his goal of ending all life, and his lack of proper motivation for it.

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