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Ekatotessera, The Miraculous Spirit is a sentient galaxy from Universe -1, created by KoopaGalaxain.


Ekatotessera's name is taken from the Greek phrase for 'one hundred and four', "ekató kai téssera", a reference to the fact that he is based on the real galaxy Messier 104, the Sombrero Galaxy.

Ekatotessera's alternate name, Halon, is based on the fact that he resembles a halo.


Ekatotessera closely resembles the real world Messier 104 (M104), the Sombrero Galaxy.


Destined to be G-Rex's shield, Ekatotessera would have served alongside Aetherium, and thus was the second creation of G-Rex, and was created by the latter an unknown amount of time after Aetherium came to be. However, the sentient universe quickly realised that Ekatotessera was of no use to him; the galaxy was too timid, and too weak to serve any purpose. Banished by Aetherium, Ekatotessera fled deep into the voids of Universe -1, and hasn't been seen since.

Council of Creators

Ekatotessera, referred to by the humans of Universe 1 as 'Halon', is set to appear in the second 2017 Christmas Special, On The Second Day of Christmas. In this special episode, it is explained that he ended up in Universe 1 after being pulled through the rift Aetherium created to enter the universe during the Season 2 Finale.


  • Defensive Powers: Ekatotessera can presumably take the form of a giant shield, the counterpart of Aetherium's Blade Form. However, due to his non-desire to engage in combat, Ekatotessera has never actually taken this form.
  • Voice of the Void: Ekatotessera can create visions of events happening in alternate universes and timelines to those he chooses to communicate with.


  • Once again, Ekatotessera's creation shows you guys just how much I think space is incredible. M104 is one of my favourite galaxies in terms of appearance, so it's unsurprising to me that I'd use it to help inspire the creation of a new monster in my library!
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